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What is the purpose of this website? was created to show that women have real choices when it comes to health care. All across America, thousands of low-cost health centers offer women and their families high-quality health care. The centers here are only the federal-funds eligible facilities – for now. Our team will be updating the interactive maps in coming weeks to include many more low-cost and free community clinics and private women’s health providers who accept Medicaid patients! See what’s available in your state.

What do the dots represent?

The dots represent health care centers which have been identified primarily from two separate lists: Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)  and Rural Health Centers (RHC).

What are Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Centers? What are their differences and similarities?

Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Centers are health clinics which are federally funded and require a certain set of services. For a more in depth explanation of the required qualifications, and an overview of the similarities and differences between these types of centers, click here.

Why are there schools included on the map?

The more than 600 schools included on the map have reported/been identified as providing girls’ and women’s health care services at “school-based health centers” on location. Thus, the school serves as a very real option for girls and young women in the area who need healthcare.

Why are there pediatric centers included on the map?

The pediatric centers on the map provide comprehensive health care to minors, including care for girls and young women.

Why are there senior care centers, homeless shelters, and Salvation Army locations included on the map?

While these centers may not seem like options for women’s health care at first glance, all of these centers have been identified as hosting or facilitating health clinics at their locations, providing basic health care to women in the area.

Do the alternative centers provide abortions?

The alternative centers on this map can, or already do, receive federal funds for women’s health care. As a matter of federal law, no federal funds can be used for abortion. So whether or not they perform abortions is not relevant to whether women can receive quality comprehensive health care at the alternate centers on this map.

Why aren't hospitals and urgent care centers provided on the map?

Hospitals and urgent care centers do provide women’s health care, and we will be adding these locations to the map in the future.

What if I find an issue with a center?

It is our goal to maintain the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date list of centers that provide high-quality women’s health care. If you should find an issue with a center in your area, use contact form to the left or send a DM to @GetYourCare on Twitter.

Who created this website?

This resource is owned and operated by a team acting on behalf of the sponsoring organizations listed at the bottom of this webpage.

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